Lighting the fire under your next big idea

SOUTHWORKS focuses on the future-facing software development projects that you don’t have the time or the resource to handle in-house (your team can only do so much – and they have core product to focus on).
SOUTHWORKS sparks the development intensity to help start-ups, scale-ups and enterprise clients fire up their next big engineering development, product extension, or proof of concept or emerging tech venture.


Software development and systems integration across 4 key practice areas

Cloud video engineering

From cloud-native streaming platforms, OTT applications and product extensions, SOUTHWORKS has a wealth of expertise delivering world-class video engineering services. SOUTHWORKS helps clients speed time to market, deliver scale, build cloud-first video platforms and applications that are fast, secure, enhance viewership experience, and build innovative services that delight customers.

Cloud & App innovation

From lift and shift to refactoring, microservices, and containerization, SOUTHWORKS designs, builds and migrates modernized platforms and applications that accelerate clients engineering organizations. Through cloud-native development and innovation SOUTHWORKS helps clients build competitive, future ready businesses.

Data & AI

SOUTHWORKS constructs and streams data pipelines, builds intelligent workflows, delivers enhanced analytics in addition to using AI and cognitive distributed technologies, to help clients harness the power of their data to enable better decision-making, increase profitability and revolutionize core product.

Emerging technologies

SOUTHWORKS enables rapid experimentation to test new capabilities that help clients to excite, inspire and stay on the bleeding edge. SOUTHWORKS maximizes the impact of technology in clients’ businesses from ideation to launch.

Our Work

SOUTHWORKS is the software development partner people turn to for their most complex, high-profile projects.

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