Near real-time notifications help investors pick up the pace

Allowing investors to quickly see and act on the data they need

Financial Services
Data & ML

Picture this … you’re an investment solutions provider that’s had a reputation for innovation since you first launched in the late ’90s.

Almost 200 of the world’s leading buy-side firms depend on your comprehensive suite of portfolio-management tools.

But you want a better way to share data with your clients.

Because of the time-sensitive nature of the services you provide, they need continuous updates. Even though you have an internal system to manage all this data, you don’t have a way to easily share it with your clients and partners.

So, you turn to SOUTHWORKS.

We already helped you redesign your internal database, so we’re able to easily add on a partner- and client-facing system that makes sending notifications about any changes a breeze. We get it up and running in just a few weeks.

Now, your clients get near real-time notifications when stock and bond details change.

These notifications allow investors to quickly see and act on the data they need to make well-informed buying and selling decisions. That’s what happens when you Make Everything Right™.

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