SOUTHWORKS helps Canary Speech undertake an Azure Migration and build Marketplace SaaS offer to monetize services

SOUTHWORKS creates a comprehensive solution to migrate existing infrastructure to Azure and build a Marketplace SaaS offer for Canary Speech

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Migrating Canary Speech clusters from AWS to Azure


Canary Speech is a company that offers a voice-based diagnosis tool, capable of identifying certain medical conditions, including Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and depression, with high accuracy.

Canary Speech needed a comprehensive solution to migrate its existing infrastructure from AWS to Azure. The migration process had to ensure that the platform’s performance, scalability, and monitoring remained intact while leveraging Azure-specific services. Additionally, the solution required building a Marketplace SaaS Offer that allowed users to subscribe to Canary API access, manage subscriptions, and access Canary Speech API data.

“SOUTHWORKS executed effectively against the plan and schedule that we had. They met that flawlessly. They communicated with our scientists, engineers and c-suite. Their response has been as if they were working within our own facilities”.

Henry O’Connell, CEO, Canary Speech


Core Infrastructure: To migrate from AWS to Azure, the SOUTHWORKS team used Infrastructure as Code (IaC) with Terraform. This allowed for automation of the entire infrastructure setup, reducing human error and increasing efficiency. SOUTHWORKS deployed AKS clusters to ensure high availability and scalability. AKS clusters allowed Canary Speech to manage containerized workloads, while also supporting auto-scaling, which helped reduce costs and improve resource utilization.To leverage Azure-specific services, the team made necessary code changes to Canary’s services,  and created a new layer to allow the service to be run in either Cloud depending on the service configuration.

After deploying the infrastructure and making necessary code changes, the MVP was released in the US region. The MVP release helped to identify potential issues and provided an opportunity to fine-tune the platform before rolling out to other regions.To ensure that Canary Speech’s services are available worldwide, the platform was deployed in Japan and Europe regions. SOUTHWORKS optimized the infrastructure to ensure that the services remain highly available, reliable, and performant across all regions.

SOUTHWORKS used standards and custom tools to migrate the data from AWS to Azure. The process was streamlined, ensuring minimal downtime during the migration process. Azure Traffic Manager was also used to ensure that the traffic cut-over from AWS to Azure was seamless.

Marketplace SaaS Offer: To build the Marketplace SaaS Offer, SOUTHWORKS integrated Canary API access, allowing users to subscribe and manage their subscriptions. A user-friendly web portal was developed for subscribers to manage their subscriptions and access Canary Speech API data. Additionally, the SOUTHWORKS team developed a Canary Speech back-office portal for the company’s team to list and manage subscriptions. A series of automated jobs were deployed to handle the subscription lifecycle, provisioning, and de-provisioning.

SOUTHWORKS worked on the Billing functionality based on the number of assessments. Integrating Azure Marketplace Billing API to track usage, ensuring that Canary Speech can accurately bill users based on their consumption.


Enhanced capability, fine-tuned for multi-region deployment, monetized services: The migration from AWS to Azure was a success, with Canary Speech now benefiting from Azure’s  performance, scalability, and monitoring capabilities. The MVP release was well received, providing an opportunity to fine-tune the platform before rolling out to other regions.

Monetized services: The Marketplace SaaS Offer has enabled Canary Speech to monetize its services.

"Because of the work and efforts of SOUTHWORKS, we were able to make our product commercially available to the network of customers that Microsoft has within the Microsoft Teams for Healthcare platform. SOUTHWORKS made this commercial ready. So not only did we have a solution, we had one that allowed customers to access, utilize and then reward Canary Speech appropriately for the services we were providing”.

Henry O’Connell, CEO, Canary Speech
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SOUTHWORKS helps Canary Speech undertake an Azure Migration and build Marketplace SaaS offer to monetize services