Streaming service streamlines imports with flexible transformation tool

‍Converts media partners’ data streams into a common, proprietary data format

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Picture this … you’re a popular media streaming service, and you were one of the first players to trigger the cord-cutting revolution.

For nearly twenty years now, you’ve been helping people play audio and video over the internet, and you even have your own TV channel.

But, every film studio and media partner you work with has their own data format, making uploads to your database a headache.

You standardize all the data streams into your format as they come in, but you keep running into upload errors after the transformation. You end up having to manually find and troubleshoot the errors, which is a huge time drain for your teams.

So, you turn to SOUTHWORKS.

Using your existing technology stack, we build you a tool in Azure that converts your media partners’ data streams into a common, proprietary data format. Not only that, the tool is flexible enough to let you handle unforeseen data formats and automatically flags errors during the transformation process.

Now, you’re uploading data faster than ever.

Because of the tool’s flexibility and automatic error notifications, your teams can spend less time fixing things and more time building things. This tool has been so helpful that you’re now having SOUTHWORKS add more data management features to it. That’s what happens when you Make Everything Right™.

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