Complex migration of more than 70,000 videos from Kaltura to Microsoft Stream for Siemens

Frictionless access to corporate training and international communications content.

Cloud Video Engineering

Picture this... You're Siemens, a multinational conglomerate and digital pioneer focusing on the areas of electrification and automation.

You're looking to shift your corporate video platform from Kaltura to Microsoft Stream and there is no obvious migration path for the move of more than 70,000 video and unique content assets from one media platform to another that ensures that the links don't break and that unique content isn't lost.

You need frictionless access to corporate training and international communications content for your 290,000+ employees worldwide, on a platform more aligned to your needs - and you need it fast.

So you turn to SOUTHWORKS.

Microsoft referred Siemens to SOUTHWORKS because of its media, broadcasting and streaming experience. SOUTHWORKS was the perfect partner to help Siemens lift this huge volume of content using manual, automated and intelligent processes that overcome the challenge that no migration path presented, while, critically, preserving information quality.

"We needed a trusted partner to help us move an entire corporate video platform with training videos, leadership announcements, and more, from one system to another while maintaining and preserving the information that goes with it.”

Josh Johnson, IT Infrastructure Consulting, Corporate IT Division, Siemens.

SOUTHWORKS got going right away to develop a robust and scalable migration solution that runs in the cloud and leverages all the compute-power cloud services offer to migrate videos and content at high scale and high speed. SOUTHWORKS developed an API structure that allowed for comprehensive extraction, developed a redirect tool, resolved technically complex challenges inherent in a migration of this scale, and resolved problems in real-time to create a solution that's like none other on the market today.

Now Siemens has a complete Microsoft ecosystem and training platform that works seamlessly across global offices and thousands of employees.

That's what happens when you Make Everything Right™.

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