Pro tournament uses AI to get old database out of the sand-trap

Custom dashboard and AI-powered search engine for real-time statistics

United States

Picture this … you’re the established name for professional golf tournaments in North America.

For nearly 100 years, your tournaments have been the proving ground for the most successful golfers in the history of the game. And you’ve worked hard to be a leader in sports innovation.

But, to use the data you’ve acquired over the last century during a broadcast, you rely on three people who know where to look for it.

They have to recall the info, search the existing database, and relay it to the broadcasters. These human encyclopaedias have done a great job, but it’s a tedious process – and it’s not sustainable.

So, you turn to SOUTHWORKS.

We move all your data to Microsoft’s Azure cloud to make it secure and easily accessible.We then build a custom dashboard and AI-powered search engine for real-time results about course statistics and player info.

Now, your broadcasting team can access decades of statistical data instantly.

Being able to tell viewers that no one has made par on this hole can turn an average looking putt into a nail-biter for viewers. That’s what happens when you make everything right.

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