Latin American insurance company makes identity right

Transforming isolated data islands into a highly connected system

Data & ML

Picture this… you’re one of the biggest insurance providers in Latin America.

Your multiple lines of business span from individuals to corporations, and from farming to healthcare.

But each of your customers and brokers need to create users and passwords for each one of your different systems, within each one of your lines of business — and it’s getting out of control.

You currently don’t have the staff to get it done by the deadline you’ve been given by management. You also don’t have the time to interview, hire, and train a whole new dev team.

So, you turn to SOUTHWORKS.

We quickly assemble a Fireteam experienced in Microsoft Azure Active Directory B2C and state-of-the-art identity practices for your project. In just a few days, we’ve built a proof of concept for a core system that will integrate all your customers and brokers into a single platform transforming your isolated data islands into a highly connected system. And we commit to get it completed by your tight deadline.

Now, we’re nearing completion even sooner than you anticipated.

Also by working side by side with our Fireteams, your internal IT staff is now trained in the latest technologies, and agile development practices, including frequent delivery, test-driven development, continuous integration and performance testing. That's what happens when you Make Everything Right™.

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