Video leader up against conference deadline completes full proof-of-concept in less than four weeks

On-premise transcoding software as an IaaS offering

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Picture this … you’re a digital video company with a strong history of innovation when it comes to video transcoding and media exchange.

Your solutions cover the entire digital media lifecycle, positioning you as the go-to for broadcast stations, media companies, and Fortune 100s.

But, you need a way to use your on-premise transcoding software as an IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) offering.

You want to pitch it at an upcoming conference, but the event’s only a month and a half out. Creating a Proof of Concept requires resources and time that you just don’t have.

So, Microsoft refers you to SOUTHWORKS.

We find the best way to run your on-premise software as IaaS. With our expertise in the Azure ecosystem, we figure out how everything you need maps to Azure. Less than four weeks after kick-off, we deliver a PoC tailored to one of your customer’s specific transcoding workflows — just in time for the big conference. You even get a playbook to guide your implementation.

Now, you’re ready to offer IaaS to existing and new customers.

With new capabilities in the Microsoft ecosystem, you can continue to expand your digital media footprint and continue to innovate. That’s what happens when you Make Everything Right™.

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