Removing bad data from big data in near real time

Verified updates for investment software company that manages over $10 trillion

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Picture this … you’re an investment software company that manages over $10 trillion in assets.

Hedge funds, insurance companies, pension funds, wealth managers, and investment banks all over the world count on you to help them store, manage, and optimize sensitive financial data for clients around the world.

But you have no way to verify the accuracy of the data moving through your workflows.

It’s scary to think of all the opportunities for things to go awry as you import, process, and transform big data on financial instruments and assets. One small mistake from a third-party partner could cause big problems — including monetary losses.

So, you turn to SOUTHWORKS.

We design, build, and implement a data quality assurance framework that validates financial information as it comes in. The new solution catches errors — from duplicates to incorrect inputs — in near real time so you can resolve thembefore they cause problems.

Now, your data is more accurate than ever.

Because each update is properly verified, you can be confident your clients’ financial decisions are based on the right information. And your industry reputation stays golden. That’s what happens when you Make Everything Right™.

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