Big-time tech company sees big-time adoption of bot framework

Feature-based samples to guide the community in the development of new chat bots

United States

Picture this … you’re one of the most valuable tech companies in the world.

You’ve dominated the software market for more than 40 years and, through continuous innovation, you’re not slowing down anytime soon.

But your outside developer network isn’t slowing down either.

They’re always clamoring for the next big thing — this time it’s to try your new bot framework. You know providing good samples accelerates the adoption of a framework, but you simply haven’t had the resources to create the documentation needed to onboard your audience.

So, you turn to SOUTHWORKS.

Thanks to our previous experience creating hands-on labs, training kits, demos, samples, and reference implementations, we’re able to quickly acclimate ourselves to an expert level on your new framework. We create a set of feature-based samples — in both C#and Node.js — to guide the community in the development of chat bots. This involves creating simplified source code and documentation showcasing common scenarios, like a bot sending and receiving an attachment from/to users and managing conversation flow.

Now, because these samples are so successful, you ask us for more support on the framework itself.

We translate it into several other programming languages like Node.js/TypeScript, Python, and Java. We even help your team build an enterprise grade solution to build reusable bots using the framework. That’s what happens when you Make Everything Right™.

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