Tech leader delivers live demo in nine days flat — while service is still in development

Putting the SOUTHWORKS team to work on new technology demo for dev community

United States

Picture this … you’re the cloud-computing arm of a big Fortune 500 tech company.

Your platform has been the launchpad for dozens of products due to its flexible structure and support of multiple coding languages. And you’re about to announce a new cloud-based API service that allows to show the best experience to users, learning from their real-time behavior.

But you’ve got to have a demo ready — in just nine days.

Because your teams are still finalizing the key features of this new service, they can’t be pulled off their tasks to build the demo. They haven’t even had time to complete the documentation — but you’ve got to have something to show to a roomful of developers next week.

So, you turn to SOUTHWORKS.

We put our teams to work learning a technology that hasn’t even been made available to the public yet. But because of our experience with building demos on your platform, we’re able to look at the samples you sent to us and quickly get up to speed. We even point out a few bugs to you along the way.

Now, you’ve met the rush deadline and wowed a roomful of developers with your demo.

Internally, the team is so impressed that they’ve asked you for a second SOUTHWORKS-built demo to use during sales conversations. That’s what happens when you Make Everything Right™.

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