Smart chat bot says great things about global tech leader

State-of-the-art chat bot with 99.9% global availability

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Picture this … you’re the cloud computing division of one of tech’s Big Five.

Your technology is used by innovators of all sizes around the globe to build SaaS programs and platforms that are revolutionizing the way the world works.

But, despite your global influence, you’ve yet to build a chat bot for your website.

It would help prospective users see what they could do with your tech and answer any questions they have — but bigger initiatives have kept you from building it.

So, you turn to SOUTHWORKS.

Because we worked side-by-side with the team that developed your bot framework, we use our insider knowledge to combine three of your solutions to build exactly what you need and show off the power of your technology.

Now, you have a state-of-the-art chat bot with 99.9% global availability.

So when prospects visit your site, they can get answers fast and experience your capabilities instead of just reading about them. That’s what happens when you make everything right.

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