V-Nova rapidly expands footprint of LCEVC integrated reference players in just 3 weeks

SOUTHWORKS helps London-based IP and software company, V-Nova to integrate LCEVC-enhancement decoding

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V-Nova rapidly expanded its footprint of reference players integrated with its MPEG-5 Low Complexity Enhancement Video Coding (LCEVC) technology with several new Web players, in just three weeks thanks to SOUTHWORKS.


V-Nova, is a London based IP and software company dedicated to improving data compression by building innovative technologies based on the game changing use of AI and parallel processing.

One of their core products is V-Nova LCEVC, the industry’s first highly optimized library for encoding and decoding enhanced video streams with MPEG-5 Part 2, Low-Complexity Enhancement Video Coding (LCEVC). MPEG-5 LCEVC can enhance any video codec to deliver higher quality at up to 40% lower bitrates.

SOUTHWORKS works with some of the world’s largest broadcasters, media companies and streaming businesses to deliver cloud video engineering services that create amazing experiences for their audiences. SOUTHWORKS partners look to them to offer ways to roll out critical technology updates, and the team has seen clear demand from its media and communications clients for next generation video delivery solutions like MPEG-5 LCEVC.

V-Nova is experiencing high demand for LCEVC integration projects (both at application and platform levels), but wanting to focus their engineering on innovation, not integration, they sought a partner to bring additional engineering capacity to tackle these projects. And they wanted to address this complexity at speed.

So V-Nova turned to SOUTHWORKS.


SOUTHWORKS got to work right away integrating LCEVC-enhancement decoding into the open-source version of JW player to increase the reference player options available to services deploying LCEVC.

SOUTHWORKS assigned a Fireteam, an elite team of three developers, a lead and two seniors, to take on the challenge.

The team working on this project went the extra mile to integrate with not only the specific player requested, but also several other widely used web players.

"We were impressed by the drive and expertise that the SOUTHWORKS team showed throughout the project. Coupling that with great communication and collaboration between our teams meant that the objectives were reached early and that we could extend it to providing a framework to accelerate other web player integrations".

Sam Orton-Jay, VP Product Marketing, V-Nova


The dev-intensity and technology expertise provided by SOUTHWORKS delivered impressive results that transformed a strong relationship into a long-term partnership.

The extra integration mile, at speed

SOUTHWORKS delivered a working prototype within just one week, and then took the solution several steps further. The team moved deep into the technology to find integration solutions that would allow for V-Nova to fully leverage the potential of LCEVC across multiple platforms. Extensive testing and verification lead to a production prototype, and ShakaPlayer and video.js prototype integrations were created in just two days based on the same architecture. The team realized very early on that if the integration was designed correctly it could be applied as a framework for other players. This forward-thinking and attention to the broader objectives of LCEVC led to the ability to apply the solution to the other players in a matter of hours.

Fixing gaps, smoothing the process

In the process of diving deeper into the technology to ensure greater integration across multiple platforms and players, the team helped V-Nova to identify further optimizations to their Decoder Integration Layer which is used across all player device platforms. They worked with the V-Nova engineers to add value to the existing solution and collaborated to drive its efficiencies.

The edge of technology, cutting new paths

V-Nova can now spin up new demos and adapt to changes in technology because the integration is not specific to any one web player, but rather on the standards that modern web streaming is built on. Cutting-edge technology ensuring that V-Nova can help services deploy cutting-edge video delivery as quickly as possible.

Preferred Systems Integrator

The SOUTHWORKS team owned it, brought it and proved it. They looked to the bigger picture and delivered a solution that left V-Nova with more capability than they asked for. SOUTHWORKS now has extensive experience of LCEVC decoding and the practical considerations of deploying it for any device platform and has been awarded V-Nova preferred Systems Integrator partner status to deliver strategicLCEVC integration projects with V-Nova. That’s what happens when you Make Everything Right™.

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