Massive tech company makes major update without major disruption

A new site from scratch with ASP.Net on the Azure cloud platform

United States
Cloud & App innovation

Picture this … you’re one of tech’s Big Five.

You’ve been a software innovator since the 1970s and you recently reached $1 trillion in value — becoming one of the very first companies to do so. Things are looking good.

But your in-house teams can’t seem to find time to update your outdated cloud-platform website.

The site is the main way you attract new customers and support existing ones, but it’s built with code that’s just too old and slow to keep up. Fixing it would require a complete overhaul — and all your teams are tied up with bigger projects.

So, you turn to SOUTHWORKS.

We build you a new site from scratch with ASP.Net on the Azure cloud platform. We also make huge improvements to the DevOps cycle, so you can easily make updates to user guides, new features, case studies, and more in the future.

Now you have a website that can keep up with the speed and scale of your business.

Best of all, you didn’t have to delay any other projects to get this major update completed. Plus, the new DevOps cycle means that your website is updated nearly every weekday. That’s what happens when you make everything right.

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