Global sports broadcaster gets big win by bringing everything onto a single platform

Proof of concept for core system to manage live and video on demand workflows

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Picture this … you’re a television sports company that broadcasts international sporting events.

Fans from 54 countries who listen in 20 different languages turn to you when they want to cheer on their favorite players at the Olympics, Grand Slam tennis matches, and more.

But each of your global divisions has its own way of storing and streaming videos — and you need to update this ASAP.

You currently don’t have the staff to get it done by the deadline you’ve been given by management. You also don’t have the time to interview, hire, and train a whole new dev team.

So, you turn to SOUTHWORKS.

We quickly assemble a Fireteam experienced in both Microsoft Azure and AWS for your project. In just a few days, we’ve built a proof of concept for a core system that will manage live and VOD (video on demand) workflows across all channels and content formats. And we commit to get it completed by your tight deadline.

Now, we’re nearing completion even sooner than you anticipated.

The project has been so successful that you’ve decided to add on a few more features. And you’re already bringing us into other projects — before this one has even launched. That’s what happens when you make everything right.

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