Tech giant jumps from twice-a-year releases to daily releases

Modernizing release management process for faster and smoother operations

United States
Cloud & App innovation

Picture this … your brand is a household name and you’re a member of tech’s Big Five.

You’ve been a tech pioneer for over four decades, and you’re one of the world’s most valuable companies in terms of market cap. Things are looking good.

But one of your most important sites — the one responsible for your cloud computing division — is in release management limbo.

Your in-house teams don’t have the capacity or capability to perform releases faster than once every six months. And the entire process is tedious, manual, and error prone.

So, you turn to SOUTHWORKS.

We modernize your release management process to make it run faster and smoother. We establish continuous integration procedures and deployment pipelines at every stage — from development to pre-production, staging and production. We include all the necessary security checks, as well as functional and browser tests to ensure the application is running in tip-top shape.

Now, your entire release process is predictable and fully automated.

What once took place every six months, now happens every business day with the click of a button. And you haven’t missed a daily release since. Best of all, your in-house teams are up to speed on modern best practices for CI/CD, giving them more confidence and agility. That’s what happens when you make everything right.

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