Working at the Core: Connecting on a Deeper Level

SOUTHWORKS unique approach to engaging with customers is what we refer to as: working at the Cortex, working at the Core and as a Systems Integrator. Here we dive into what it means to work at the Core of our customers' product.

In this article, we'll dive into the essence of our unique approach: "working at the Core" of our customer's product.

Not too long ago, we shared our way of initiating projects with new customers – by initially tackling something small and often future-oriented. This, we fondly call "working at the Cortex" – where we take on projects that are related to the client’s solution but not entirely entrenched in their core product. As the Cortex is just the beginning of our customer journey, it’s high time we unpack what it truly means for us to "work at the Core"...

When we introduce one of our Fireteams to a project that centers on a customer’s core product, our approach is to seamlessly integrate into their team. That’s not to say we abandon our tried-and-true principles and methodologies, but rather, we adapt to their tools and processes as much as possible, functioning like an integral part of their company. Every customer is unique, operating at different paces and in different ways. So, we aim to evoke a sense of unity and camaraderie, acting as an extension of their team. This approach aligns with our "no handholding" promise and ensures projects run as smoothly as possible.

While our style of work may feel familiar to our customers, they've brought us on board for our specialized skills they may lack in-house. So, we utilize our white-glove approach to bring our unique expertise and experience into their products or processes in a way that feels organic to them. Instead of simply throwing work their way, we adopt their mindset, delivering results in a way that’s consistent with their operations. This balance lets them benefit from our extensive knowledge and communication, providing the best of both worlds.

For example, our weekly sprints are designed to spot potential issues early, facilitating clear communication and swift solutions. Some clients prefer longer 2–3-week sprints; in such cases, we maintain our weekly checks to reap their benefits but align them with the client's schedule. To feel like a genuine part of their project, we speak their language and follow their processes, effectively combining these with our trusted methods to optimize our output.

Starting off with a smaller Cortex project, our engagement focuses on solving problems they lack the skills, time, or team to address. But when we shift to the Core, it’s all about embedding ourselves into their team as deeply as possible. Our goal is not to create a "them and us" scenario, but rather a powerful, synergy-driven team aimed at enhancing outcomes through our collective expertise, resulting in a superior core product.

Working at the Core with our customers presents a unique chance to collaborate with exceptionally talented individuals shaping the future of software. This continuous knowledge exchange is invaluable, and the benefits are reciprocal—we learn from them as much as they learn from us. Ultimately, we pave the way for our customers' success by showing (not merely telling) them what we do, how we do it, and why we do it that way, ensuring they're fully equipped to operate independently once our job is done.

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