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Why is outsourcing slowing you down when the whole point of it was to speed things up? ‍

Why is outsourcing slowing you down when the whole point of it was to speed things up?

Now your days are spent micromanaging developers who aren’t managing to keep up with your project.They’re peppering you with a million-and-one questions that they should already know the answers to. Yet, they’re forgetting to ask the important questions.And they hide when things go wrong. Surely this isn’t the only alternative to having your in-house teams do all the work.

With SOUTHWORKS, you get a team that brings a faster approach to everything, every day — eliminating inefficiencies, and getting it right the first time.

Now you can:

·       Accelerate the creation of your product by tapping intoa team that has a diverse skill set and can easily switch between code bases

·       Shorten the learning curve on new technologies with a partner that’s immersed in the latest technologies and constantly acquiring new ones

·       Get a partner that will always keep driving the project forward rather than waiting to be asked for the next step

·       Make adjustments on the fly with an agile team that can easily adapt to any changes to the plan

·       Get results faster with one-week turnaround times for integrations thanks to an optimized Scrum process

·       Transform into a better engineering organization because your internal teams are working alongside developers who model leading- edge workflows and best practices in areas such as A/B testing, automated testing, agile processes, continuous deployment, and continuous integration.

Only SOUTHWORKS brings this “own it, bring it, prove it” approach to every project. It’s how you Make Everything Right™.