The 2021 Reboot: A fresh new look and feel for SOUTHWORKS

We are thrilled to launch our new brand ID and website. It’s a 2021 reboot!

We are thrilled to launch our new brand ID and website. It’s a 2021 reboot, bringing you fresh new content and more info on who SOUTHWORKS is and what our business is all about – with some familiar SOUTHIE flair.

Why are we changing things up?

Two reasons: 1) A lot has changed since 2020; 2) We got your feedback, and we owned it!

A lot has changed since 2020

For all of us, everywhere in the world, a lot has happened since the start of 2020.

We doubled the size of our business in FY2020. We set ourselves some punchy growth targets. We hired super talented developers from across the world – Poland, Spain, Argentina, Uruguay, Columbia, and more! And we added some awesome clients to our roster including Cloud9 (hear what Halee Mason at Cloud9 says about us), Life Time (read the customer story here), Twitch and the BBC (read more about our entry to the BBC Framework).

But we’ll be honest, we hit some bumps over the past 18 months too. Managing aggressive global growth and bullish targets amidst a global pandemic hasn’t been plain sailing. We had setbacks. But exactly as we do for our clients, we owned it, acted quickly to Make Everything Right™, and moved forward with clarity and certainty.  Now we enter H2 2021 in a position of strength, with some of the best engineering talent the world has to offer, a new global HQ located in London, and some incredible projects in the works (check out our Medium and Github if you want a taste of what we’ve been cooking up lately).

We got your feedback, and we owned it!

…the second reason we’re bringing you a fresh new SOUTHWORKS website and ID: we got the memo. Too often when speaking to super cool clients, prospects and partners from start-ups, to scale-ups to globally recognised enterprise brands we heard you say: “yeah, I checked out your website… but what do you do? …How can you help me?”.

As we continue to scale and look to our future growth, it is important for us to be more transparent about what we do and who we do it for, and to align our identity and communications with our values. We’ve been the Microsoft insiders since we launched back in 2004 – but we want everyone to know what we’re about. Not just the tech community.

In a world where so much goes wrong with outsourced development, somebody had to find away to Make Everything Right™. And we want to get our communications right, in the same way we get software engineering at scale right for our clients.

So what’s new with the SOUTHWORKS brand?

You’ll see some familiar SOUTHIE flair, but a more scaled and globalized feel. We’re developers at our core, and we love our super-geek, tech-to-tech developer style. So we retain our logo with its nod to dev in the pixelated letters, and of course our “helping hands” are still a central part of our ID – we’re still here to help. But as well as talking to the dev community who’ve helped us build and shape our company, we also want to bring the conversation to the business leaders who need the deep tech expertise and dev intensity that specialised outsourced developers can bring to move their businesses forward.

SOUTHWORKS new brand ID - the helping hands in global software development

Our old identity, with a dark operating system colour palette and early internet style code fonts was a super cool call-back to our roots as the developers at the forefront of tech – and it’s true, we’ve been doing this since before tech was chic. We even helped Azure to create its SDKs and drive adoption in the tech community back in the day. But the place of software engineering in business has come a long way since 2004. We’re no longer developers in a basement, we’re the people you count on to provide the business-critical operating systems and cloud-native delivery platforms that move your business forward. Our fresh new look with bright future-looking palette reinforces the future dynamic SOUTHWORKS brings through dev intensity to some of the world’s most innovative companies shaping the landscape of tomorrow.


On top of delivering our message with a crisp new feel, we want to do brand comms as transparently and clearly as we do project comms. So here’s what you need to know about the SOUTHWORKS offer…

What do we do?

From reqs to release, SOUTHWORKS Make Everything Right™. We are the global software development firm people turn to for their most complex, high-profile projects.

We bring the dev intensity to help you grow, scale and accelerate your business.

Too often when you bring in outsourced developers for help, you end up having to help them instead – so you spend all your time babysitting the project. SOUTHWORKS is the help that doesn’t need help.

SOUTHWORKS global team of software engineers bring the dev intensity and technology expertise to deliver you strategic quick wins, so you get results, without the hand-holding. We think beyond the reqs, find the fastest way to the best outcomes, and always keep you in the know.

Our core practice areas are: cloud video engineering, cognitive solutions, big data and machine learning, cybersecurity, emerging technologies, application modernisation and modern workplace and productivity.

Who do we do it for?

We work with start-ups, scale-ups and world-renowned brands including Microsoft, AWS, BBC, Cloud9, 7-Eleven, Life Time and even the Olympic Games. Our clients are from a wide range of industries including, communications & media, retail, IT software & services, sports & news, health & life sciences, gaming, financial services & insurance, and the public sector – meaning we bring an unrivalled blend of expertise in emerging tech used in specific business case scenarios.

How do we do it?

Our model is simple – we deploy elite Fireteams to tackle your toughest dev challenges, fast. Our one plan to rule them allallows you to scale your engineering organization with an elastic, dedicated team of top engineering talent, completely transparent pricing, and no long, onerous contracts.

We own it, bring it, prove it. More experienced teams, speed without the shortcuts, you always know exactly where you stand. These are the values that our SOUTHIES bring to every engagement. Living our values on every project is what helps us Make Everything Right™ for our clients - check out our Why SOUTHWORKS page for more detail on what it means to own it, bring it and prove it and what you can expect from working with SOUTHWORKS.

What’s next?

We’re super excited to launch our new ID and fresh website - and to keep our sights set on our super-size growth journey. Watch this space for more project updates, customer stories and tech papers – and if you want to be the first to know Subscribe to our insights and follow us on Medium.

If you’ve got any feedback for us drop us a line, listening and iterating is what got us here, so we’re always keen to hear from the wider community. And if you like the sound of our approach – book a 15min discovery call and find out how you can get going right away.

SOUTHWORKS. Make Everything Right™