SOUTHWORKS Launches New Monthly Pricing Option

Evolving Development on Demand to bring our customers greater transparency, flexibility and simplicity.

A we're all about keeping it straightforward for you, our valued customers. We've always taken pride in our standard weekly pricing methodology for our Fireteams, but guess what? We're introducing a little twist!

After hearing numerous requests from clients like you for more flexible options, we’ve decided to roll out a new monthly pricing scheme. This new option is simply a fresh way for us to bill, not a replacement for the weekly system you know and love.

Yes, we've always raved about our one-week sprints, and that's not going anywhere. Opting for the monthly payment plan? You'll still experience the same impeccable Development on Demand™ service week in and week out. The change comes in response to our growth, tackling larger projects, and wanting to ensure a smooth invoicing process for our long-term clients.

Think about it: with weekly charges, each month has a different number of working weeks, sometimes leading to a head-scratching moment like, “Why did May cost more than April even though we received the same service?” For brief projects spanning just a few weeks, this isn't an issue. But for more extended engagements, the calculation can get a tad tricky. We introduced this new pricing model to erase such uncertainties. Now, you'll know exactly what to expect on your bill, simplifying budgeting and planning.

Remember the three cornerstones of our Development on Demand: transparent pricing, flexible short-term contracts, and time zone affinity? They remain our commitment to you, irrespective of the project's duration.

And for our beloved clients who love the week-to-week rhythm, don't fret! Nothing's changing for you. This monthly pricing option, which you can find detailed online, is merely a new avenue for those wanting an extended commitment.

All the finer details, from our dedicated Fireteams’ weekly hours to planning and review processes, remain consistent. Monthly pricing isn't a ploy to oversize projects but a testament to our dedication to flexibility, simplicity, and scalability.

Check out our all-new pricing page for the full details