SOUTHIE Story: Florencia Otero, a long-term SOUTHIE still growing like crazy

We interview Flor Otero, Software Engineer at SOUTHWORKS, on IWD 2022

Meet Florencia Otero, Software Engineer at SOUTHWORKS, based in Italy 🇮🇹

Flor, a travel enthusiast and funko pops fan living in Italy landed her first developer role with SOUTHWORKS four years ago, and since then has built her developer career, taking on new challenges all the time and working with some awesome clients to solve their toughest engineering challenges.

Flor had an early love for programming, starting her coding career in high school. Flor says: “In the 4th year there was a new subject "Programming 1", and I was the only one in my class completing the exercises… and by the next year I started also doing my friend's homework for programming!”

Grow like crazy

“I was challenged from the first moment I joined SOUTHWORKS, there are always opportunities to learn new things and grow. SOUTHWORKS’s values helped me to be a better professional, to take care of the details.”

Flor joined SOUTHWORKS in 2018 after finishing her education and searching for her first job as a developer, “I found SOUTHWORKS through a job portal – I applied, and got the job! SOUTHWORKS trusted me from the very beginning :)”

“I was attracted to SOUTHWORKS because I was excited to work for big clients. I never wanted to work for legacy products or a non-challenging solution. And four years on, SOUTHWORKS is still bringing the human quality and cool projects.”

Flor has worked on projects for major international technology, recruitment and leisure brands to build a fitness app for students, a virtual desktop, an internal tool to handle product catalog, and a real-time translation app – to name just a few!

“This mix of a great team and the opportunity of big client projects is what sets SOUTHWORKS apart from other dev organizations. The best thing about working here is the people. I've had the opportunity to work with amazing teams – people who are awesome not just because of their experience and knowledge, but because of how friendly, personable, and supportive they are as well. I'm glad to call my colleagues friends too. Even though I was newbie in IT when I first landed here, I've never felt "less" than others, and no one never told me you can't do it.”

Work from anywhere

Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Flor moved to Europe in 2021 and now takes the opportunity to travel Italy in her downtime. “I love coding, but in my personal time I prefer to do things non-related to code in order to rest and be ready for the next week of challenges. I like to visit new places, I've been in Europe for the last year, so I have had the opportunity to travel quite frequently, I love to visit small Italian towns and explore at the weekend.”

What’s Flor’s advice to new SOUTHIES?

“Be curious, there's a lot of room to learn and grow if you're willing to.”


Huge SOUTHIE thanks to Flor for sharing her story with us and for helping us #OwnitBringitProveit to #MakeEverythingRight for our customers and our team ✌️🧡