Prioritizing strategic quick wins is our platform for ongoing success

Our focus on strategic quick wins originated in project work, but it’s now something we apply throughout SOUTHWORKS

Our focus on strategic quick wins originated in project work, but it’s now something we apply throughout SOUTHWORKS – from the way we undertake everyday tasks to our overall strategy. Whether we’re talking about dev work done by our project teams or targets that our leadership is working towards, focusing on strategic quick wins involves dividing tasks and processes up into smaller, bitesize chunks. The outcomes of those quick wins then help us succeed by providing a solid foundation to work from and avoiding wasted time as we can make sure that what we’re doing is working well and contributing to the achievement of our goals, making any needed alterations to our course before we move onto the next step.

It’s important to stress that bagging quick wins is not just a short-termist mentality based on doing the easiest things first – by identifying which challenges have a knock-on effect on future ones and therefore need to be resolved today, we’re laying down the tracks for future progress. Everything we do for our customers is important, but things have to be done in the right order to support our bigger, longer-term targets, which is where the “strategic” part comes in. In that sense, strategic quick wins help us balance importance with urgency to work both effectively and efficiently. Meanwhile, seeing the positive outcomes of our work through these small, regular achievements motivates us to keep things moving forwards for ourselves and our customers.

This way of working benefits our customers in several ways, helping them implement new technologies that work as intended and achieve high adoption rates that support their long-term success. And by completing one thing at a time and constantly checking that what we’ve done so far is fit for purpose before continuing, we also create applications that can be scaled effectively when needed and build trust with our customers by bringing certainty to projects that are uncertain, so they know they can rely on us with bigger or more complex projects down the line. And as mentioned, our strategic quick wins approach is not just for projects. We apply it to our management of SOUTHWORKS too – identifying the next big issue in the current growth phase, and then finding a new one to focus on once we’ve solved that.

We love to share our learning from building the SOUTHWORKS way of working – the philosophies we live by, how we arrived at them, and how they support our growth. To learn more about how we work, check out our Why SOUTHWORKS page.