Microsoft Future Decoded at London

Today I attended the Microsoft Future Decoded Conference at the London ExCeL Convention Center. It was actually a huge conference, and surprisingly free. I only attended The Open Cloud keynote and one late afternoon track by the Azure London User Group.

I was really surprised by the keynote part from Chris Bishop, who is a Director of the Microsoft Cambridge Research Lab. He gave a very “realistic” talk about Machine Learning. He explained in very simple terms the current state of the art, showed examples of where machine learning can be useful and where not, what are the current limitations (great mention to the No free lunch theorem), and finally what to expect in the future.

Also, like at Ignite this year, MS presented the plan to build a quantum computing ecosystem. Not that the hardware is ready yet, but there should be some simulators and toolkits available soon.

Unfortunately, I missed Mark Russinovich (Azure CTO).

Some photos:

Originally published by Sebastian Durandeu for SOUTHWORKS on Medium 31 October 2017