Making scary decisions - Part 2: Why we say no to some projects

How we work on projects that ensure that we’re developing as a company – and providing that same opportunity to our SOUTHIES.

Are we picky about what we work on?

Weeeell, yeah, we kinda are – and being that way is important for our growth.

Why? When an opportunity for a new project comes along, we ask ourselves a few questions. Questions like:

  • Will we be successful?
  • Will we enjoy it?
  • Does it involve interesting technologies?
  • Does it present growth and learning opportunities?

These questions help us pick projects that ensure that we’re developing as a company – and providing that same opportunity to our SOUTHIES.

Thankfully, we have lots of opportunities to choose from so there’s no pressure to take on projects that don’t meet that requirement. And sometimes, SOUTHWORKS simply isn’t the right choice for the customer, and explaining that they should find a more suitable provider is just the right thing to do.

It's not that we’ll automatically say no to a given kind of project. But we want to work on projects where we’ll be working with interesting technologies, growing and learning in some important way, or where we can point to the end result as a strong advert for our capabilities. It’s important for us to maximize value for our customers, so if the fit isn’t there for any reason, then we won’t take something on. Of course, we’ll check in with our team first, because you never know who might find a project appealing due to the industry, the work involved, or the customer, but if no one’s biting then we won’t push it.

It can be scary to say no to projects, but we want our customers to be in awe, to be delighted, and we also want our team to be motivated. Something our customers love about working with us is our transparency, and saying no when it’s appropriate to do so only reinforces that value and creates loyalty. It also protects our team and keeps them happy with what they’re working on – if they aren’t enthusiastic about a project, it’s better for everyone if the customer finds someone who will be.

Like the sound of only working on projects that provide continual development? Want to work with some of the most innovative businesses out there? SOUTHWORKS is hiring! Check out our open positions.