I am really happy to share our new brand identity.

I am really happy to share our new brand identity.

During the past couple of months we’ve been working on creating a new visual and verbal identity that reflects our commitment to our values, and our core philosophy: to Make Everything Right™.

“What we really do, we care.We really care about the success, and we are willing to lose money in order to makea project successful. And that’s real, and I put myself behind that.”

Alejandro Jack, SOUTHWORKS CEO

SOUTHWORKS will now have a youthful, fresh and confident new look: with bold type, refined colors and our new defining element: the Helping Hands.

SOUTHWORKS "Helping Hands"

Our helping hands

The Helping Hands might seem simple. And if you think so, you are absolutely right. It connects the dots and reflects who we are: Friendly. Helpful. Humble. This is what has always defined us; and this will continue to define us in the years to come.

“We do the little things that people wouldn’t do that are outside of the job description. And that’s kind ofthe real difference.”

Alejandro Jack, SOUTHWORKS CEO

Over the upcoming weeks we’ll be working on applying this new brand to our social media, website, and all of our marketing collateral.

This is an exciting change for us and while our commitment to the customers we serve will not change, there is incredible potential to grow. Our new branding positions us for those opportunities.