Keeping up with the latest tech: It’s our passion

Technology is central to our work; every single person at SOUTHWORKS is passionate about it. It’s the primary tool we use to deliver results for our customers - but how do we stay up to date with the latest developments?

Technology is central to our work; every single person at SOUTHWORKS is passionate about it. It’s also the primary tool we use to deliver results for our customers, and that means staying up to date with the latest developments is crucial to our continued success.

Our approach to this starts right from recruitment, when we seek out individuals who share our passion for technology. This natural interest sees our SOUTHIES keep their fingers on the pulse as tech constantly evolves – and not because they have to, but because they love it.

Passion alone isn’t enough though, and there are also a few practical measures that help us keep up as a company. We create an infrastructure for our teams to explore new tech:

  • Comparison: Whenever a new technology or platform is released, we compare it with what we’re currently using for the same purpose and look into open-source projects related to it. That’s where our passion comes to the fore – there’s always someone in the team who wants to be our own early adopter and will fly the flag for that tech internally.
  • Proof of concept testing: We get our hands dirty and try the tech out, checking out how it works and what it’s good for – the output from this process could be a blog post (check out our Tech Edit) or an open-source project (find us on Github here) to show the rest of the organization what we’ve found out about using it
  • Sandbox: As we partner with major tech companies like Microsoft and Amazon, we make sure that everyone on our team has a sandbox try things out with their new releases and even prepare the official certification.

Our commitment to staying abreast of developments in this way adds value for our team, who get the chance to constantly update their competencies and develop their CVs. It also brings huge benefits for our customers, who don’t always have time to get to know every single new technology as it comes out.

Our customers trust us to do that research, try it out in a practical setting, and assess its merits on their behalf. If we advise them to use a new tech we’ve been exploring, we’re able to show them how it’ll work in their application and explain what the benefits are for them. Doing that analysis and building a case for our customers saves them time so they can move forward with the tech that’s best for them and avoid getting left behind – this is especially useful for larger organizations that don’t always have the bandwidth to investigate all the options and adopt new tech without guidance.

The practical methods we have in place help us work with new technologies as effectively as possible for the benefit of our team and our customers - but without the common passion and curiosity that runs through our entire organization, we wouldn’t be able to stay at the bleeding edge.

Do you have a passion for new technologies? Are you looking to continually learn and grow? SOUTHWORKS are looking for the most curious, and the brightest engineering minds to join our ever-growing team. If it sounds like you, check out our open positions and apply today!