Development on Demand lands in Mexico

SOUTHWORKS bets on Mexico with expanded local team

At SOUTHWORKS, we've always felt close to our Latin American neighbors, being from South American origin, we find commonalities in our culture, our values, and roots. But also in our way of work, objectives, and goals.

Mexico as the thriving economy that it is, with its leading startup ecosystem - including nine Unicorns - its solid small and medium businesses community, and the large amount of Mexican and international multinationals, has a special appeal to it.

Mexico is the regional platform for doing business in LATAM, the US and Canada, not only for its geographical advantage, its global value chains, and the fact that it is one of the most open economies with access to 50 countries through its mutual Free Trade Agreements but also because of its phenomenal developer community. Mexico's future potential is enormous - and at SOUTHWORKS, we're betting on it!

For the past 20 years, SOUTHWORKS has concentrated its efforts in helping businesses solve their most complex, high-profile development challenges. And with our Development On Demand approach garnering global appeal, we've grown our presence in South America, US and Europe, working for companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, Siemens, Cloud9, LifeTime, BBC and 7-Eleven.

During this time we haven't been strangers to Mexico, in fact we've worked with many colleagues in the region over the years, but now we are extending our presence in the country with a local team that understands first-hand the special appeal and nuances of this market.  

We are excited to continue to grow SOUTHWORKS team and global presence with an increased focus on Mexico, we look forward to connecting with colleagues old and new, and for you to get to know us a little better.  

We'd love to connect with you:

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