From Cortex to Success: How SOUTHWORKS gets rolling with new partners

Understand our proven formula to catapult our clients' growth when embarking on a new engagement

Every company we encounter has its own distinctive story. The first steps we take on the dance floor of collaboration vary, but once the rhythm sets in, our proven formula for growth and development takes over. It’s akin to a choreography, meticulously designed to fit each of our partners seamlessly.

Our "Development on Demand" model offers a trident of possibilities for our customer collaborations:

  1. Core: Building customers’ core products
  2. Cortex: Working on customers’ future-facing development needs.
  3. Systems Integrator: Adopting the role of our clients' professional services wing.
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SOUTHWORKS three modes of engagement

The secret sauce to establishing a flourishing relationship? Start small - with a Cortex project.

This project is like a capsule of the future - an innovative development designed to catapult the client's growth. From a proof of concept, to a platform demo, we create these 'microcosmic solutions' that aim to enhance the company's core offering.

Though our journey might evolve to include working on core products or integration into their teams, the Cortex project is always our gateway. It allows us to familiarize with each other’s nuances, ensuring our partnership blossoms or identifying any roadblocks early on. It’s our way of showing off what we can do, taking our unique skill set and molding it into a quick, digestible project - perfect for clients who might not have the technical prowess or time within their own teams.

The magic lies in the specificity of our Cortex projects, tailored to the needs of our customers and guided by our commitment to flexibility, independence, and transparency. This bite-sized approach allows clients to test new partnerships and technologies, affording an exit strategy if things don't align, and a seamless transition to the next Cortex project if they do (and they often do 😉).

This approach often materializes into a complete solution for our partners, and many choose to continue in this modality. However, for those who wish to dive deeper, we can pivot from the Cortex into a more integrated role, either enhancing their core products or adopting the role of a systems integrator.

Once we've delved into the company's tech landscape, culture, and infrastructure, sometimes we're invited to blend into their core development team. Here, we unleash our Fireteams, augmenting our partner's teams to optimize productivity, modernize platforms, and elevate their core products. We thrive on solving complex puzzles alongside such talented individuals.

For clients who are independent software vendors (ISVs), the next step might be to enlist us as their systems integrator. In this capacity, we step in as their professional services team, interacting with their clients directly. Given the current tech talent crunch, this option allows us to fill in gaps and ensure client needs are met seamlessly.

In essence, our approach to new partnerships usually starts with a Cortex project - crafting tailor-made solutions that orbit their core technology. This strategy can be replicated infinitely or evolve into a deeper collaboration depending on the needs of the client.

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