PRO Car Racing gets up to speed integrating 3rd party vendors and teams

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Picture this… you’re the established name for stock car racing in North America.

For nearly 80 years, your tournaments have been the proving ground for the most successful pilots in the history of car autoracing. And you’ve worked hard to be a leader in sports innovation.

But, to use the race data you put out for each one of the races organized nation wide, you rely on multiple 3rd party agencies, vendors, PR agencies and Race Teams.

Everyone within these organizations needs to be on-boarded into your CMS in order to be able to access and use all this information, and it have become an invitations nightmare.

So, you turn to SOUTHWORKS.

We integrate all your third parties into Microsoft’s Azure B2C Active Directory to make it secure and easily accessible for members within these organizations with their existing corporate credentials. We then build a custom dashboard andAI-powered search engine for real-time results about upcoming course statistics and drivers info.

Now, your marketing team can publish all the upcoming race marketing material to be easily accessed by third parties.

Being able to tell fans what’s coming and when it’s coming. That’s what happens when you Make Everything Right™.