SOUTHWORKS secures its place on the Digital Services Framework IV for the BBC

SOUTHWORKS has won a place on the Digital Services Framework IV for the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).

LONDON OCTOBER 2020 - SOUTHWORKS has been successful in winning a place on the Digital Services Framework IV for theBritish Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). This framework went live in October 2020 and will run for the next 2 years.

This represents an amazing opportunity to provide our awesome custom software development services and solutions across the BBC’s digital portfolio to create internally and externally facing products and applications.

SOUTHWORKS has been awarded across five of the seven categories that take part on the DSF IV:


Backend Development

For building server-based ‘backend’ services that can be used to power rich websites, designing databases, and implementing rich data APIs.


Mobile App Development

This category is for native iOS and Android app development, testing apps to ensure quality and hybrid app development using common application frameworks.


Web Development

This includes creating new web sites that are responsive and interactive, developing existing websites and building rich and dynamic web-based JavaScript applications.


Data Science and Machine Learning

For handling diverse data including transforming, modelling, and summarizing the data to meet a certain need. This category also includes creating or adapting machine learning models to spot patterns or derive better understanding of content.


Emergent Technologies

For developing and launching projects on one or more of the following emerging technologies: VR/AR, Voice, IoT devices, connected TVs/screens.

If you would like to learn more about SOUTHWORKS capabilities, drop us a line:

Johnny Halife

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