Our Story

Today we are one of the most trusted and respected Microsoft vendors in the world. We were the first partner ever to contribute code to the Windows code-base and we are the first choice for high stakes projects like azure.microsoft.com, the last 3 Olympic Games or the last 7 years of Product Launch Events from Microsoft.

We grew out of a team of extremely talented university students passionate about the frontier of software development. Our motto that has stayed the same for more than a decade: “to make things work for you!”. Staying true to our core values has helped us create a company we’re proud to run and work for even after ten-plus years in business.

  • Established 2004
  • Projects 800+
  • Talented Developers 250+

What do we do?

Bots, cognitive services, media services, machine learning & planet scale apps

Whether it is a demo, a prototype or mission critical system, expect results early and often — in days or weeks, not months! We’ll help you get faster, more responsive and gain the confidence to start doing things you never thought possible before!

What makes us different?

We only take customers we can delight

When you work through referrals, you can’t afford to have anything else than 100% customer satisfaction. That is why we only take customers we can delight and we make sure every single project is finished on time and to the highest standards, no matter what, even when that means not making a profit. It is this drive to ”always deliver the best, at any cost” that attracts not only our customer base, but the individuals that make it possible in the first place.

Why choose us?

We are Microsoft Insiders

Our relationship with Microsoft gives us access to pre-release bits which don’t always work as they should. We’ve become extremely good at figuring out how to work with, around, or even “hack” not- quite-stable code-bases. By the time a new technology reaches the public, the general case is that we have already spent months helping Microsoft launch it. That gives us a head start over any other development firm!

Our Team

A relentless delivery machine!

We are a high performance team of “special forces”, that delivers value daily, cares about each other, and continually evolves itself. Today more than 250 determined and thoughtful individuals working mainly from Bellevue (US) and Buenos Aires (AR) but operate globally, on a motto that has stayed the same for more than a decade: “to make things work for you!”